The Buthay Inn

at the heart of Wickwar

As some of you may or may not know, the 27th of May will officially be our last day here at The Buthay
The past 5 years have been truly wonderful period in our lives which we will never forget, we have had the privilege of providing wonderful food and drinks to you, our most wonderful customers.
We have had the honour of witnessing relationships blossom, marriages celebrated, friends and family laugh, love and smile, dance and sing with the amazing bands we have had over the years, all the tears and all the cheers that have made this place so special for us but also Being a part of a wonderful village.
We have seen many people come and many people go and so many more grow but all this experienced through good food which we have always tried to provide for you all,
but ...
The time has come for us to move to the next chapter, since the birth of our son our world has changed, with new purpose and direction and we are excited for this new journey ahead, over the last few weeks we would love to see you all, perhaps share a memory or a giggle!

But please come along on the 27th to celebrate with us one more time! So we can say thank you to you all!
We hope to see you at the final bell, to raise a glass and call time !


Here at The Buthay we pride ourselves in serving Quality. We source our produce from the Locals hills and farmlands of the South West of England to the beautiful climates of Italy, Our wine is sourced from the lushous Vineyards of the beautifully sun kissed regions of Tuscany and Montepulciano amongst other places and our Cask Ales from as local as 300 yards away to various breweries across the country.

Opening Hours

Pub - Monday - Closed
            Tuesday - 4 - 11pm
            Weds- Thursday - 12pm-11pm
             Fri      - Saturday - 12pm-12am
             Sun    -                       12pm - 9pm

Restaurant & Pizzeria
 - Weds - Friday         5pm  - 9.30pm
                Saturday -           12pm-2.30pm.                                                                                  5pm- 10pm
                Sunday    -            12pm - 5pm


Telephone - 01454 299083

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